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Fall Guided Cleanse

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my experience with you beginning the actual cleanse this week. So, I had a late start due to logistical and work issues. I acually started the cleanse today, tuesday. I feel the most challenging thing is creating a new morning routine by getting up much earlier in order to cook and eat before I go to teach. That being said, in my early morning delirium I accidentally soaked and cooked chana Dhal instead of the split yellow mung. Well, the kitchari was incorrect but we ate it anyway and it was.....Ok. Honestly, I dont like it but I might like it better with the split mung. But, the good news is my boyfriend and I are consuming much less coffee and have good digestion and energy throughout the day. I am so glad he (Bradd) is trying to do the cleanse with me. I am curious of what everyone else is feeling and how are you challenged. Feel free to discuss here. Also, I would like to remind everyone not to get too obsessed with being perfect or getting upset about it. ~Gabi

Branson Gates
Sarah Jeanette
Sarah Jeanette
25 ott 2022

Thanks for sharing your experience, Gabi. Branson and I began yesterday and it was definitely a challenge! We made our first batch incorrectly as well (added too little mung dal and rice and also doubled the recipe resulting in wayyy too much food…) and I felt it was very bland- I put so much salt on everything typically. Ate the soup last night and was also not thrilled. But I definitely didn’t feel hungry- I just didn’t feel satisfied. Upon rising B and I made a batch correctly this time- although we did add the full amount of salt to the kitchari which I know Suzanne recommended we reduce- and it was honestly really good! Branson loved it & I liked it. Either way I feel better about this cleanse today than I did yesterday and physically I feel good too. Going wild and putting cashews in the soup tonight so hoping it will be a little bit more satisfying this time round.

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