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Fall Guided Cleanse

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my experience with you beginning the actual cleanse this week. So, I had a late start due to logistical and work issues. I acually started the cleanse today, tuesday. I feel the most challenging thing is creating a new morning routine by getting up much earlier in order to cook and eat before I go to teach. That being said, in my early morning delirium I accidentally soaked and cooked chana Dhal instead of the split yellow mung. Well, the kitchari was incorrect but we ate it anyway and it was.....Ok. Honestly, I dont like it but I might like it better with the split mung. But, the good news is my boyfriend and I are consuming much less coffee and have good digestion and energy throughout the day. I am so glad he (Bradd) is trying to do the cleanse with me.…

Sarah Jeanette
Sarah Jeanette
Oct 25, 2022

Thanks for sharing your experience, Gabi. Branson and I began yesterday and it was definitely a challenge! We made our first batch incorrectly as well (added too little mung dal and rice and also doubled the recipe resulting in wayyy too much food…) and I felt it was very bland- I put so much salt on everything typically. Ate the soup last night and was also not thrilled. But I definitely didn’t feel hungry- I just didn’t feel satisfied. Upon rising B and I made a batch correctly this time- although we did add the full amount of salt to the kitchari which I know Suzanne recommended we reduce- and it was honestly really good! Branson loved it & I liked it. Either way I feel better about this cleanse today than I did yesterday and physically I feel good too. Going wild and putting cashews in the soup tonight so hoping it will be a little bit more satisfying this time round.


Hi Friends,

I am looking forward to seeing you today! Please feel free to leave your comments here. If you have anything to share or any questions, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Gabrielle Sigal
October 19, 2022 · changed the group description.

We are going to support eachother on this cleanse! Drop your questions or ideas into this area

Oct 19, 2022

I love falling asleep before 10pm! Also, I've been experimenting with some cold shower time while rinsing off the oil....very invigorating!!!!


Hi Yoga friends! I hope you are on your way with week one of the cleanse. I wanted to share a few things as you navigate your way through the protocol for week one. Firstly, please ask questions if you feel stuck, confused or doubt. I am here to help and if I don't know the answer I'll find out for you! I found a very good, cheap tounge scraper on amazon, I don't normally want to suppport them, but I couldn't find a better price and fast delivery time.

Have you been able to have the stewed apples and ginger tea? Just this simple change has made a big difference for me already. I am a total coffee lover and I managed to get my intestines moving without it by following the protocol. I have coffee later now and don't feel so dependent on it. Also, for the movement…

Sarah Jeanette
Branson Gates
Oct 18, 2022

Sarah and I checking in here, we’re loving the Stewed Apple and Ginger Tea in the morning. If we’re staying home we like to keep the leftover Cloves, Ginger and Apple Peels in a simmer pot to keep the aroma going into the afternoon. We’re finding the self massages to be incredibly nourishing, it’s the first time either of us have felt so fully moisturized. And changing our bedroom to darkness instead of having the moonlight shine in has kept us so well rested. Overall we’re very excited to continue with the cleanse and even more excited to bring some of these things into our daily lives post cleanse as well!



We are going to support eachother on this cleanse! Drop your...
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