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Fall Guided Cleanse

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Hi Yoga friends! I hope you are on your way with week one of the cleanse. I wanted to share a few things as you navigate your way through the protocol for week one. Firstly, please ask questions if you feel stuck, confused or doubt. I am here to help and if I don't know the answer I'll find out for you! I found a very good, cheap tounge scraper on amazon, I don't normally want to suppport them, but I couldn't find a better price and fast delivery time.

Have you been able to have the stewed apples and ginger tea? Just this simple change has made a big difference for me already. I am a total coffee lover and I managed to get my intestines moving without it by following the protocol. I have coffee later now and don't feel so dependent on it. Also, for the movement (asana probably) to work up a sweat, I tried 12 sun salutations and was able to break a sweat. I followed that up by a longer practice but the surya namaskar might be enough for you it only took a couple of minutes. Then, I did my mantra and pranayama that Suzanne taught us. I have to admit, I'm going all in. I followed this all up with abhiyanga, oil massage, and a warm shower. I feel like this routine is do-able and simple. I wanted to share with you because I feel freaking awesome!!!! I hope you are able to follow some or all of these practices without putting pressure on yourselves. You will feel amazing too!

I am putting together a simple yoga sequence that you can follow if you are unsure what to do.

Ok, best wishes everyone!!!!



Sarah Jeanette


We are going to support eachother on this cleanse! Drop your...
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